Security Guards in Luton

Many business owners claim that the presence of security guards is more effective at deterring crime than high-tech security systems. So, if you’re looking for security guards in Luton, then look no further.

We hire the most experienced security guards in Luton so that you have the peace of mind you are looking for as well as the best possible service available.

What we do

It’s not just about patrolling, and CCTV, Security, just like other industries, is evolving all the time with the advancement of technology. We make sure that we stay ahead of the game to keep your business or property as secure as we possibly can. We pride ourselves on our adaptability and professionalism, and our security guards in Luton offer many services to make sure we deliver exactly what you need.

The services our security guards in Luton offer include:

• Foot patrols

• CCTV monitoring and control (both on-site and remote)

• Emergency response and control

• Access control

• Event and site support

However, if there are other services you require, then please contact us as we’ll likely be able to offer precisely what you need. We only hire the most experienced and professional security guards in Luton, meaning that we can adapt to your needs and wants as we have the experience to do so.

Who we are

We are a security business, and we pride ourselves on providing our clients with a sense of safety that their property or event is being managed to the highest standards. The way we do this is to hire the best security guards in Luton, who we then vet and train accordingly.

As part of our training process, we make sure that our security officers are aware of any changes and developments in the industry, no matter how minor they are. We are always up to date on any new advancements in security technology and operations, and we train our staff on this continuously.

One thing that many security companies forget is that the job of being a security guard is actually often a very customer-centric role and security guards need to be able to offer a high level of customer service as well as the highest standards of security. We make sure that our security guards in Luton have customer service training and possess excellent customer service skills for working with the public.  

An excellent security guard will know how to make people feel at ease; whether they are dealing with an emergency or de-escalating a crisis, they will have the necessary skills to manage the situation professionally at the same time as dealing with the public in a calm and courteous manner. This is what we offer because we know what it takes to be an excellent security guard.

What we offer

Arena Security offers a wide range of services which we can tailor to your needs as our business is designed to offer you exactly what you need.

We will start with an initial consultation where we will discuss your needs in terms of security, and then we will send out security officers who will assess your site and work out the best strategy moving forward. This will be based on many factors, but we’re always able to adapt our methods to best suit your requirements.

Supplying security guardssecurity patrols and keyholding in Luton and the wider Bedfordshire area.

Security Guards in Luton