Keyholding in St Albans

If you're in need of professional keyholding services in St Albans, look no further. Choosing Arena Security complements your alarm system response team seamlessly, saving you both time and money on training your staff for alarm response.

Prioritizing the safety of your staff during emergencies is crucial. While it's possible for your employees to handle keyholding and alarm response, it can also detract from their primary duties. Opting for a professional keyholding service in St Albans is a more practical solution, providing the confidence that an experienced, reliable team is managing your security requirements.

What we offer

While many companies have established protocols for handling alarm incidents, false alarms triggered by employees or technical glitches are not uncommon. But what if the situation is different? Responding to alarms under uncertainty can be unsettling and risky. Entrusting this responsibility to a professional security firm like Arena Security is a safer choice for your company. Our expertise lies in alarm response and keyholding in St Albans.

Recognizing the importance of trusting us with your keys, our keyholding service in St Albans ensures secure storage, accessible only to our authorized alarm response officers. In the event of an alarm activation, a licensed officer promptly arrives at your site. They conduct a thorough inspection, reset the alarm, and assess for signs of intrusion. If necessary, our officers remain on-site until law enforcement arrives.

Who we are

Arena Security operates a professional keyholding service, employing only the most skilled and experienced security guards for keyholding duties in St Albans. Given the significant trust involved in this role, as our guards often work on-site without direct supervision, we ensure rigorous training for all our response officers. Our training programs are regularly updated to align with evolving industry standards, positioning us as leaders in our field.

With over 45 years of industry experience, Arena Security has cultivated a steadfast and efficient business model. Our exceptional staff retention rate speaks to the strong relationships we foster with our employees and security officers, a point of pride for us. By nurturing these relationships, we instill a culture of professionalism, ensuring that our officers consistently deliver excellence in every assignment.

How it works

If you require keyholding services in St Albans, simply reach out to us, and following a discussion about your requirements, we'll conduct a thorough site inspection, including an assessment of your alarm systems. You'll provide us with the necessary codes, and we'll securely retain a set of keys for prompt response to any callouts.

Furthermore, we maintain seamless cooperation with law enforcement agencies, ensuring the proper handling of all situations. Whether you seek keyholding services in St Albans or the surrounding areas, don't hesitate to contact us today. We're available to address any inquiries you may have and will guide you through the process to demonstrate how we can assist you.

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