Keyholding in Huntingdon

There are many different security services that you might be interested in for your business or event. It is highly likely that Arena Security can provide them all for you, as we’re a fully rounded security company with specialists in many different areas.

Something we take great pride in is our keyholding in Huntingdon services. These keyholding services mean that you can rest assured your building and its contents are entirely safe at all times, even when you can’t be there to oversee things yourself. We know how hard it is for business owners to take control of every aspect of their business, so let us take some of the strain and speak to us about our exceptional professional keyholders, who are sure to be able to help you.

When you hire Arena Security for your keyholding in Huntingdon professional security needs, our response officers will be ready and willing to take care of your security requirements in a professional, expert way that means you don’t have to worry anymore.

As a business owner, you already have a lot to do. Why add training your employees to understand everything that needs to happen if you suffer alarm activations to your long to-do list? With Arena Security, your building will be kept safe at all times thanks to our keyholding and alarm response, 24 hour services. Your team doesn’t need the added stress, and you don’t have to concern yourself with it – just leave it to us.

What we offer

You can defend your property while you’re away by installing an intruder alarm system. That’s an excellent idea, and we recommend it. The only problem is that you won’t be there 24 hours a day. You won’t be there seven days a week. So what happens if the alarm is activated and there’s no one to see what the problem is? With no one able to respond, you could be leaving your business or property open – almost literally – to theft. Plus, even if you were to be able to get there quickly, would you want to? Would you really want to run the risk of endangering yourself or a staff member by finding people burgling your property? You don’t have to. With Arena Security’s keyholding in Huntingdon services, we can take care of all this for you. Rather than risking your event’s safety on amateur security guards, go with a company like Arena Security. All of our security personnel are well-versed in responding to alarms and minimising the associated risks. As part of our keyholding service, only our alarm response personnel have access to all the keys, so you can trust us implicitly. Remember, no matter what has set the alarm off, it’s our policy to dispatch a security officer to respond to an alarm. They come, reset the alarm, and investigate the premises for intruders or evidence of a break-in when they get on site. They will even remain there until the police arrive, should it come to this.

Who we are

When it comes to keyholding in Huntingdon, only the most qualified and experienced security guards work with Arena Security. We understand implicitly that there must be a greater degree of trust in this position than in most others. Because of this, we train all of our security personnel to the greatest standards to guarantee that we’re constantly giving the finest keyholding service.

How it works

Keyholding in Huntingdon is quite straightforward. We’ll come to you, and you can talk our security personnel through your security systems, teaching us the codes we’ll need to activate and deactivate the alarm, and showing our professionals the premises. Before we leave, we’ll take a set of keys to store safely for when we need to reply to a callout.

Arena Security works hand-in-hand with the police, so you can be certain that we will handle any situation responsibly. So if you’re searching for keyholding in Huntingdon, give us a call right now. We will answer all your questions, and we’ll walk you through the process, so don’t hesitate to ask.

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