Arena Security is celebrating 50 years as Hertfordshire's leading security company

"As an industry leader, we understand the need to keep up with evolving market requirements and security trends"

Established for 50 Years

One of the most respected security companies in the UK, established in 1974.

Fast response

Fastest average alarm response times in our areas.

24 Hour Control Centres

Our 24 hour Control centre ensures the safety of our officers and our clients.

Latest tech

Our innovative technology means our clients receive their data in real time.

Competitive Pricing

We monitor market prices to ensure we always remain competitive whilst still providing the highest service levels in the industry.

Low Staff Turnover

We invest in our staff which means we boast a low staff turnover.

Free Quotations

We will be happy to have a chat with you to understand your security needs and then provide you a detailed and clear quotation


We're trusted by over 3000 clients.

Supplying security guards and security patrols in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Essex, Hampshire, Huntingdon and Cambridgeshire. Click here for our SIA Accredited Profile Page

Supplying security guards and security patrols in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Essex, Hampshire, Huntingdon and Cambridgeshire. Click here for our SIA Accredited Profile Page


Utilising an SIA Approved Contractor ensures better standards, improved quality and compliance to a code of conduct inspected by Home Office appointed inspectors. Arena Security have been an industry leader for almost 50 years, still proudly owned and managed by later generations of the founding family. We are in the unique position to combine our wealth of experience and traditional values, with cutting-edge technology. Our data driven decision making drives our business practicality, continually improving our service to meet our client’s current security needs. We measure against a stringent set of KPI’s, utilising experience and technology to help us operate efficiently, exceeding the expectations of our clients.
Arena Security


We ensure that we go above and beyond when training our officers. Our screening and vetting procedures are known to be the most stringent in the industry. We invest heavily through our security training academy to ensure our officers are always competent with emerging security trends.

We also have a number of officers with BPSS Security clearance – BPSS is the recognised standard for the pre-employment screening of individuals with access to government assets. Its rigorous and consistent application underpins the national security vetting process at CTC , Level 1B, SC, DV and is recognised by the Ministry of Defence.  As we are an SIA accredited contractor, it means you are receiving the highest level of protection at all times with Arena Security.


Technology has changed the way we operate. By utilising bespoke software, our clients can log-in to their account at any time to view patrol data, analytics, invoices and incident reports in REAL TIME.

We provide our clients with granular visual boards that demonstrate patrol routes, time, date, officer and location. We automate daily, weekly and monthly reports which provide our clients with accountability for internal audits. Our client portal is a first to market user experience that offers the highest level of transparency.

Operational Technology Features Include: • Tracking technology • Night vision drone • Dash cams • Enhanced scheduling & communications app • Geofencing software to improve productivity. • Optimized job allocation to ensure efficient response times.


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We are TRUSTED by over 3000 clients

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Years as the leading security provider


As a family run business, we understand that productive client relationships are an essential part of any successful business model. It is why have been a market leader for 50 years in the security industry.

We and our clients benefit from an exceptionally low staff turnover, regularly below 4% per annum which ensures ongoing stability of service. We value our staff and invest heavily in their training and wellbeing which reflects in the loyalty shown to us and our clients

Rapid Alarm Response In the geographical areas we service, Arena Security has far more response vehicles operating than all our ‘competitors’ combined. Average response times are unrivalled and are available 24 hours per day – every day of the year.

Each client has a dedicated client manager who is available at any time to discuss long term strategies or emergency ad-hoc requirements.

Our 24-hour control centre is the hub of everything we do. This means that there will always be a trained member of staff at the end of the phone, regardless of the time. Our staff will be on hand to deal with any last-minute ad-hoc security requests.
Arena Security
Arena Security Office


Key Holding

If your premises are sufficiently protected by an intruder alarm system, Arena Security can save you and your employees the risk and inconvenience of being called out when an alarm goes off. Keys are kept in totally secure custody. Upon alarm activation we will send a licensed Response Officer to check the premises, reset alarms and, if necessary, remain in the premises until your staff or alarm engineer arrive.  All operations are carried out to high standards of BS7984 and with complete co-operation with Police Authorities. Officers are fully monitored by our Control Centre operatives and tracking technology to ensure their total safety.

Mobile Patrols

Industrial, commercial and all other buildings need special and continuing care during the silent hours. This is possible with irregular interval patrols by our fully trained security guards. Our rapid response mobile officers will be required to undergo specific training which is extended to include the specialist knowledge of your risks. Their detailed function is carried out strictly in accordance with requirements in the security survey agreed with our clients. 

Inspection rounds are continuously monitored by a system of patrol points placed at agreed locations, together with a tracking system that allow our clients to view patrol routes. Reports are automated to be emailed daily, weekly, or monthly. The Security Officers are also subject to frequent inspection by Supervisors during their tour of duty. Our local officers are controlled from our 24-hour operations Central Control. Each officer’s route is optimized to ensure they are never further than 15 miles away from your property. It’s why we boast the fastest response times in your area.

Static Security Guards

Our carefully selected and comprehensively trained static guards provide the ultimate deterrent against theft or vandalism and provide protection against all risks 24/7. Our fully trained guards offer an effective aid in the prevention and early detection of fire, flood, spillage, and the safety of your workplace.

Reception Duties

Our officers can extend their services to cover reception duties, either all day, cover for maternity leave / annual or during unsociable hours before or after standard office hours. We will ensure all officers are DBS checked, hold a first aid certificate and undergo specific training for each client’s needs.


Our trained officers will carry out Vacant Property Inspections to ensure that your property does not suffer from maintenance issues, vandalism, theft, squatters or break-ins. We offer a fully automated reporting system that demonstrates the vacant property is checked to the highest standard.

Lock and Unlock

We can lock and unlock your business for you at any time. We will ensure that there are always fully trained and reliable officers on duty to secure your property. Our technology allows us to send our clients a report that is date and time stamped, along with images and content to ensure the service is carried to the highest spec.

Rapid Alarm Response

With over 40 vehicles on our fleet and our robust technology platform it means our officers are optimized to be a maximum of 15 miles away from your property at any time. This means that we boast the fastest response times in your area. Arena Security has far more response vehicles operating than all our ‘competitors’ combined.  We utilise our powerful technology to ensure that our average response times remain unrivalled. We offer support for alarm response 24/7 via our control centre.

Our Service Areas

Arena Security covers the following towns and cities as well as their surrounding areas:

  • Security Company Letchworth – 01462 481811
  • Security Guards Letchworth – 01462 481811
  • Keyholding Letchworth – 01462 481811
  • Security Company Harlow – 01279 826137
  • Security Guards Harlow – 01279 826137
  • Keyholding Harlow – 01279 826137
  • Security Company St Albans – 0800 389 1494
  • Security Guards St Albans – 0800 389 1494
  • Keyholding St Albans – 0800 389 1494
  • Security Company Chelmsford – 01245 207230
  • Security Guards Chelmsford – 01245 207230
  • Keyholding Chelmsford – 01245 207230
  • Security Company Huntingdon – 01480 216600
  • Guards Huntingdon – 01480 216600
  • Keyholding Huntingdon – 01480 216600


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